Delivery Time

In order to ensure accurate delivery, users should pay attention to:

1. The time in the website order is the production complete time of Wenext.

2. Wenext intercepts orders every day at 19:00. The order before 19:00 (including) is deemed to be the order of the day; the order after 19:00 is deemed to be the order of the next day.

3. The expected production delivery time is based on the user completing the upload of 3D design documents and confirming payment before 19:00.

4. Uploading or payment of documents after 19:00 on the same day shall be deemed as placing the order on the next day

Note: The actual customer receiving time is the production delivery time + logistics distribution time.


Shipping way

In order to ensure the delivery speed, we only support DHL Express at present. Orders not within the scope of DHL distribution will be forwarded by DHL Company.


Payment method

At present, Wenext will offer four payment methods, Alipay, WeChat payment, PayPal payment and bank transfer.



When payment is made, Alipay payment method can be selected in the payment method.


WeChat payment

When making payment, we can choose Wechat payment mode in payment mode.


PayPal payment

Our PayPal account is as follows:


Bank transfer

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